Sunday, January 16, 2011

Horse Whisperer Frank Bell's White Horse Ranch Clinic

I have to say that Frank Bell's Gentle Solutions take on Natural Horsemanship is, in my opinion, one of the best Natural Horsemanship approaches.  The name Gentle Solutions says it all. When I started my filly Teddie, I used Frank's Gentle Solutions methods.  When she finally went into training, Teddie was pretty fearless and confident.  We didn't have many blow-ups.  I thank Frank for this.

Frank is one of the original Horse Whisperers.    His work with mustangs is simply amazing. Every year in Arizona, Frank holds a grand week long Gentle Solutions clinic. It's a great opportunity to work up close and personal with this amazing teacher!

Horse Whisperers/Gentling Specialists
Will Be Holding a Gentle Solutions Horsemanship Clinic in
Tucson, Arizona
At White Stallion Ranch
Sunday March 6- 13 2011
 FRANK BELL has taken the mystery out of Natural Horsemanship. What others have made complicated and expensive, Frank has simplified and made affordable. His logical sequence of exercises quickly empowers the handler. From there, the accomplishments are endless as every single avenue of horsemanship is suddenly open to explore confidently.

Hands down, FRANK BELL has created the most straightforward set of exercises that immediately places a solid foundation under every horse and rider. Heightened safety equals heightened confidence for you and your horse. . . You wouldn't want to fly with a pilot who didn't do a check-list, why wouldn't you want a checklist for your horse?         

For more information visit Frank's website or watch the video clip below.

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