Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cloud and his Mustang herd are being rounded-up!

Some of you may have   seen the PBS specials about Cloud, the wild Mustang stallion and his herd.  Now he and his herd have been rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management. Please watch the video and call the number at the end. Please help us stop the systematic round up of these beautiful wild creatures.

"Filmed in Britton Springs, Wyoming during the BLM roundup of Cloud and the Pryor Mountain Horses. September 7&8, 2009. Please watch and call the numbers at the end of the film. We need your help."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Check Out WEG Central

WEG Central is a new clearing house site we put together to disseminate all the Alltech FEI 2010 World Equestrian Games information I receive every day from press releases and other sources.  As a member of the press, I am privileged  to acquire information rather more quickly than the general equine enthusiast. Therefore, I'm going to pass the info along just as soon as I receive it.  So check out the new site and keep up with what's new and exciting as we head towards WEG 2010!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Defensive Trail Riding -- Something I'd never thought about...

Recently, I ran across a little video clip. It deals with personal self-defense while trail riding.  I'd honestly never thought about this issue before -- at least not while mounted on a horse.  I guess I'd  always just assumed that up there, mounted on my mighty steed, I was kind of invincible. Or perhaps, subconsciously, I thought old Pinger would protect me from the bad guys.  But, in truth, it never crossed my mind that someone would want to drag me, or anyone else, off a horse  while out trail riding in the boonies somewhere.  But we live in a tumultuous world.  That being said, I watched this informative video clip and it opened my eyes a bit. Now, rather than hit someone with my water bottle, I can use the old Pool Boy as a weapon!  I just have to remind him that he can still probably turn on his forehand.

Scot Hansen's Self Defense Video Clip 

For more information on the extended self-defense video or other equine products, visit Horse