Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Laughing Stock

    “Ping’s been charging the gate…” stated the barn manager flatly as I entered the barn one evening, getting ready to perform my usual evening ritual of the cleaning of the stall.  “… Have you ever seen him do this before”? She quizzes.
    “Ah”, says I, “you are just bearing the brunt of one of Ping’s jokes…”
    Pool Boy can be a real hoot, or a stinker depending on the situation, but even most of the stinker incidents are funny once time heals the wounds, both literally and figuratively speaking, giving you a bit better perspective on a peculiar incident and, of course, the bruise finally fades.    His sense of humor took me a while to figure out.  Is this just bad behavior or his way of frustrating me? I would wonder. But as it turns out Ping just enjoys jerking human chain whenever he can.