Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Quest for the Best, or Six Trips in a Truck

Sunday was horse show day. My friend Rebecca had a Fun Show planned and I thought it would be fun to take Teddie, my Canadian/Thoroughbred cross filly over to Rebecca's for a little show experience. Bear in mind that Teddie (aka Peut-etre) has rarely loaded into a trailer, let alone been to a horse show.

I admit that horse shows are no longer my favorite way to spend a weekend day. After years and years of shooting shows two to three weekends a month, I no longer feel any great pull towards the ribbons. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather mow the grass or clean the bathrooms. But one has a responsibility when training a young horse (Teddie is only three years old and in the midst of training for riding) to ensure that her training is thorough. So, she needs all the experience she can acquire. And, it is fun to spend a day with my friends, no matter what!

Hay Can Change Your Life

© 2009 By Nan Rawlins, all right reserved

It was a good idea, but a little sad, when Ping and I moved ourselves, lock, stock, barrel, and tack trunks, from our blue home for the past four years to another barn. And, although the new barn was very nice and owned by a friend, let’s just says we were both a little down in the mouth.

I had been pretty happy with our horsey home. Even though there were things I would have done differently than current management, I really didn’t want to move. I suppose that could be said of my old four-footed friend as well. He liked his stall and his mane and tail-chewing buddies in the big blue barn.