Thursday, September 3, 2009

Removing Mold and Mildew from Leather Tack -- Permanently

You've forgotten to clean your your $3000.00 saddle and left it in the tack room way too long.  Now it's covered with a lovely layer of slimy green fuzz!  What do you do? Leather experts often lament the inability to permanently remove mold and mildew from tack and other leather goods, once the little green buggers get a good toe hold.  The mold spores lodge deep down in the pores of the hide, making it extremely difficult to remove.

Restoring Old Tack and Leather with Leather Therapy®

A couple of years ago I purchased an old saddle at a yard sale.  It was a Crosby close-contact and I got it for less than $50.  It was in pretty sorry shape -- moldy, dry, brittle cracked.  My husband thought I was nuts but the tree was in good shape, the stitching and billets were intact, the flocking nice and even with no creases.  I handed over my hard earned cash,  stuck the saddle on a rack and promptly forgot it. 

Several months later I ran across a line of products called Leather Therapy® at my tack store.  There were several components to this line:  a wash, a restorer and conditioner, and a finish restorer --  the latter interesting as this old saddle had no finish left on the flaps.  I gave it a whirl and took all three products home.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to our new home...

Here we are in our new literary (that may be pushing it a bit) home.  Hopefully this site will be a little bit of fun for the horse lover and non lover alike.  If you want to read posts from over the past few years, they're all here.  Just check the older posts. Nan is still up and running. That's still the archive of older adventures.  But, for the latest, stay right here.  And  if you like to comment or become a follower, Ping, Teddie and I would welcome the company and love to hear from you.


Ping and the old manure shoveler ~ Nan