Thursday, September 3, 2009

Restoring Old Tack and Leather with Leather Therapy®

A couple of years ago I purchased an old saddle at a yard sale.  It was a Crosby close-contact and I got it for less than $50.  It was in pretty sorry shape -- moldy, dry, brittle cracked.  My husband thought I was nuts but the tree was in good shape, the stitching and billets were intact, the flocking nice and even with no creases.  I handed over my hard earned cash,  stuck the saddle on a rack and promptly forgot it. 

Several months later I ran across a line of products called Leather Therapy® at my tack store.  There were several components to this line:  a wash, a restorer and conditioner, and a finish restorer --  the latter interesting as this old saddle had no finish left on the flaps.  I gave it a whirl and took all three products home.

For a change, I followed directions and low and behold, was looking at a beautifully restored saddle! The cracked leather was clean, soft and supple, the finish restored.  One thing I especially liked is that you can control the finish -- the more layers you apply, the shinier the finish so you can match the rest of the saddle pretty darn well.

But the real test came a couple of months later when a friend's house caught fire.  Her saddle had been on a rack in the living room and sustained severe heat, water, smoke and soot damage from the fire. I truly didn't hold out much hope but wanted to help in some way.   I took the saddle home, stuck it in a garbage can to give it a day long blast with the ozone generator to get rid of the terrible smell of smoke, then went to work with Leather Therapy.  It was like a miracle!  That saddle was just as beautiful after treatment as it was before the fire! No stink, no soot, no cracking -- just beautiful, like-new leather!

I've even started using it on my leather furniture. No kidding, this stuff works like a charm.  So please visit the Leather Therapy® website for more information.  And, here's a link for a nifty money back coupon.  I realize that this sounds like a commercial but honest, if you clean a lot of leather, this stuff is the bomb!

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