Thursday, September 10, 2009

Defensive Trail Riding -- Something I'd never thought about...

Recently, I ran across a little video clip. It deals with personal self-defense while trail riding.  I'd honestly never thought about this issue before -- at least not while mounted on a horse.  I guess I'd  always just assumed that up there, mounted on my mighty steed, I was kind of invincible. Or perhaps, subconsciously, I thought old Pinger would protect me from the bad guys.  But, in truth, it never crossed my mind that someone would want to drag me, or anyone else, off a horse  while out trail riding in the boonies somewhere.  But we live in a tumultuous world.  That being said, I watched this informative video clip and it opened my eyes a bit. Now, rather than hit someone with my water bottle, I can use the old Pool Boy as a weapon!  I just have to remind him that he can still probably turn on his forehand.

Scot Hansen's Self Defense Video Clip 

For more information on the extended self-defense video or other equine products, visit Horse

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